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Harrisonburg Business Perspectives

Harrisonburg Business Perspectives is an ongoing interview series that finds out what it is like to work, live and play in Harrisonburg from the perspective of business owners and employees.  Hear why Harrisonburg is the right business location for them, what they like to do for fun in the area and even what their favorite restaurants are.

Harrisonburg Business Perspectives #3 – Immerge Interview

Immerge, a division of McClung Companies, specializes in responsive website design and development, SEO, and more. In this interview, we dive into the viewpoint of three talented Immerge employees and hear their thoughts on living and working in Harrisonburg.

Harrisonburg Business Perspectives #2 – Canvex Interview

Canvex is an early stage technology company that utilizes drones to capture and analyze data.  Hear from the co-founders about why they chose to start the business in Harrisonburg, what they like to do around the city and what the future holds for Canvex.

Harrisonburg Business Perspectives #1 – Axon AI Interview

Axon AI is creating cutting edge technology in the field of artificial intelligence.  Hear from three of their employees about the company, why they chose Axon AI and why they love Harrisonburg.